Caorle, the jewel of the Adriatic, shines with its rich artistic and historical heritage, the deliciousness of its seafood dishes, its authentic flavours and the warm atmosphere that envelops its historic centre. This extraordinary blend offers an unforgettable experience to anyone who decides to explore this charming resort.

Historic Centre

During your stay in Caorle, you will have the opportunity to stroll through the charming alleys of the historic centre, letting yourself be carried away by the beauty and characteristic scents of the village. In addition to evocative corners to discover, you will also find boutiques and clubs perfect for shopping or relaxing with a drink or a delicious ice cream. An experience that blends discovery and pleasure in this enchanting destination.


ScoglieraViva in Caorle is a renowned international outdoor sculpture event held along the city's coastline. Artists from all over the world gather to transform the natural rocks of the waterfront into original works of art, using the rocks as a canvas to express their creativity. This unique event attracts visitors and art enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity to admire the sculptures as they blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

The Laguna

Not far from the historic heart of Caorle lies the enchanting Lagoon scenery, where one can venture into unspoilt nature and discover the characteristic lagoon dwellings, known as 'Casoni'. These fascinating structures, built with wood and marsh reeds, represent the ancient dwellings of the coastal fishermen.

Address: Lungomare Trieste, 49

30021 Caorle (Venice)

Telephone: +39 0421 81173

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